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psoriasis en plaque

Méthotrexate et psoriasis: à propos de 46 cas

Kawtar Inani, Mariame Meziane, Fatimazahra Mernissi Service de Dermatologie, CHU Hassan II, Fès, Maroc Corresponding author: Kawtar Inani, Service de Dermatologie, CHU Hassan II, Fès, Maroc Key words: Méthotrexate, psoriasis, MTX Received: 09/08/2014 – Accepted: 03/09/2014 – Published: 25/09/2014 Introduction Le psoriasis est une maladie inflammatoire chronique caractérisée par une […]

Case for diagnosis: A particular form of a common disease

Sara Elloudi, Mariame Meziane, Salim Gallouj, Fatima Zahra Mernissi Department of Dermatology and Venerology. University Hospital Hassan II, FEZ, Morocco Sir, A 28-years- old man, with history of psoriasis vulgaris and psoriatic arthritis, consulted our department for skin lesions having a particular morphology like showed in picture. Several diagnoses were […]